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The following programs are freeware applications and applets I wrote recently. They show only a very small part of my programming activities (I've been programming for the better part of my holidays since I was 12): I decided to publish on the web only programs with full english language documentation (writing clear and complete documentation for programs is boring, translating it from french to english is a nuisance, especially when it is more than 50 pages long). New versions of my large programs may appear on this page later, since I will try and write their documentation directly in english. It would encourage me a great deal if someone told me he is interested in my current work (see sections What may come here later).

Win32 1 programs

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Win32 .NET
Desktop java
Android java
The programs in this section were tried out on several Win32 1 platforms (see the compatibility issues page). They are designed for computers built around Intel (and Intel compatible) processors. They were developed with Borland's C++ compiler (5.02 version) and Microsoft's Visual C# 1 (2005 version).

(see also the 64 bits compatibility page)

Note to users of Windows Vista1 and later versions: in order to access my Win32 programs documentation you must install WinHelp (see also this tip). Note that Windows 101 users should follow a specific procedure to install WinHelp (for instance the one described here, which worked fine for me).

AVStreamVideoConverter is a demonstration program initially created in order to test and debug my AVStream library (it uses most of its exported functions). As it appeared it might be useful in itself, it evolved into a fully documented audio/video conversion program (yet from its origin it lacks any function not directly provided by the AVStream library, for instance changing frame or sample rates).

AVStreamVideoConverter can open an audio and/or a video track from a single or from two different source files, in any format which the operating system can read (AVI files with Video for Windows1 and the ACM, any format with an installed source filter with DirectShow1). AVStreamVideoConverter can either decode or copy the data (direct stream copy) from the source tracks. It can use the complete tracks or only part of them (continuous sequences, possibly starting at different dates and of different duration for audio and video). It re-encodes or copies the source streams and combines them into an output AVI file, allowing full control of the interleaving properties.

Due to its origin as a test program, AVStreamVideoConverter lets users choose the underlying technology used (VfW, ACM vs. DirectShow) though the automatic choice by the most abstract level of the AVStream library is also available (
the AVStream library packaged with AVStreamVideoConverter is a debug version: with Microsoft’s GraphEdit tool or any equivalent utility, one can display the filters graphs used by the program when DirectShow is the selected underlying technology).

  for Windows 95 and 98, download here a patch package (see the ReadMe.txt file in the zip file and the Win32 compatibility page)

Publication date
Initial release

Auxiliary DLL recompiled (changed to version
Correction of a severe bug  in the converter application (changed to version
Automatic interleaving management re-written in the AVStream library (
changed to version

Auxiliary DLL removed.
Converter application recompiled (changed to version
Automatic interleaving management improved in the AVStream library (
changed to version

Two successive improvements to multi-threading management
Converter application version, AVStream library version

Patched library for Windows 95 & 98 (product version 0.9)

Improved COM management: helper program dfb.exe not required any more
AVStream library version, converter application version
12-28-2018 Correction of bugs affecting certain VfW codecs: AVStream library version, converter application version

.NET applications

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Win32 .NET
Desktop java
Android java
The following Win32 programs require Microsoft's .NET Framework1 (version 2.0 or higher) to run.

Java programs

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Win32 .NET
Desktop java
Android java
The programs in this section incurred test runs on several platforms: Windows 95 & 98 1, Windows NT 1 4.0, Window XP 1, Windows 7 1 (Microsoft / Intel processors), Solaris 2.4 2 (Sun Microsystems / Sparc workstations), Irix 6.5 4 (Silicon Graphics / Octane workstations). The applets were run successfully with the following browsers: InternetExplorer 3, 5, 6 & 8 1, NetscapeNavigator 4 & 7 3, Hotjava 2, Firefox 12 & 15 3, Chrome 11 6. All developments were done with Sun Microsystems (now Oracle) free tools (JDK 1.1.4, 1.2.1, 1.4.0, 1.4.2 and 6u33).

To run these programs on your computer you will need:

To run the applets on-line from this server your browser must recognize the .jar format (I used this Java 1.1 feature in order to reduce disk space used).

Once you have downloaded the .zip files, you only need to unzip them in an empty directory to install the software. Beware: program names case and (relative) directory tree structure stored in the .zip file must be preserved (also note that program names are long and must not be converted to MSDOS 8.3 characters format).

This is a Java (and very much downsized) version of my synthesizer. It converts MIDI files into CD quality WAVE files, using numerical instruments stored in a proprietary (and undocumented !) format.
When compared with the Win32 1 version, the Java program is very slow (more than 10 times slower, with Sun's 1.2.1 virtual machine). It is only intended for the casual user. Nonetheless it has a function which does not exist in the Windows 1 version: it can load the instruments data which it needs through the web directly from my site (where this page is located).




  bug correction


  web target change


  bug correction


  bugs correction (needed with post 1.2 JVMs)


  bug correction (for post 1.4.1 JVMs)

These three programs allow browsing through pictures directories to select and put upright pictures (Selector1), to select best pictures in a group of similar ones (Selector2) and to compile an ordered collection from several directories (Selector3). They were designed for people taking many digital pictures (for example in a trip or when covering events), with friends or colleagues. They manage wav audio comments, when present.
I programmed them some time after buying a 5M pixels Minolta DiMAGE 7i and coming back from a two weeks vacation with 4Gb of pictures data (both mine and a friend's). By the way, in this case, a DVD burner is necessary and not just a pirate's tool as the "music" or movies industry would make people believe.

Thanks to java, the three programs are very compact and I deliver them in a single zip file hereafter (moreover, they share a common infowin package). Recognized formats are: jpeg, gif, png (depends on your Java toolkit's capabilities). To install, just unzip the contents of the downloaded file into an empty directory and read the general readme.txt file.

See also PCTrenumber in the .NET applications section above.

This program is an adaptation of the original Android application of the same name, available here. See the description of the Android application for further details.





initial release



with working days calculator

Android apps

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Win32 .NET
Desktop java
Android java
These programs were checked on the following platforms:
Android 2.3.3 GingerBread6 emulators (ARM & Intel Atom),
Android 2.3.6 GingerBread device (Samsung smartphone),
Android 4.1 JellyBean6 emulator (ARM)
Android 4.4.4 KitKat6 devices (Archos smartphone and tablet)
This program computes complex mathematical formulas typed into a text box. Formulas are organized as a list and can refer to the results of the evaluation of other formulas, using automatically allocated variables.
Variables contents may be changed (the program then updates (re-computes) all dependent formulas), and formulas may be deleted (the corresponding variable is then replaced in dependent formulas by its numerical value).
Special kinds of formulas may be plotted as functions of a single real variable.
The fomulas list is persistent (it survives application and device shutdowns) and can be exported at any time to a human readable (and editable) text file, which can be later re-imported (imported formulas are always re-computed, even when the Results section of the text file exists, because they may have been modified by an external editor).

This program may be useful if you need to compute complex mathematical expressions, draw curves or solve single variable equations but do not need matrix algebra. Android calculators are not powerful enough and downloading and installing a Matlab7 (even partial) clone is clearly overkill (Formula Calculator is small: the application's package (which includes the program's documentation) is only 243 Kb long and the unpacked program only takes up 400 Kb on my Samsung smartphone).

(see several program's screenshots)

(249906 bytes, MD5: 9e49b5b51167856a0e61f18617123a5b)

(the program requires proper rights to access USB storage)

Important notice: the formulas syntax may seem somewhat unusual (except to APL programmers): be sure to read the formulas syntax and the important remarks sections of the documentation (displayed by the help menu option and available here) before using the program.
The most unusual feature is the systematic right to left associativity of operators of the same precedence:
4-2+1 means 4-(2+1) and hence is evaluated to 1 (it would have given 3 in C language or Matlab)



Initial release.

not released
Deep re-wirting to implement true background processing (proceeds even when the main Activity or Application objects have been destroyed).
Bugs correction.

Equations solver added; further bugs correction.

Curves plotting abilities added.

Bugs correction; insert formula option added.
Warning: this program is most probably useful for French people only; its (very simple) user interface is written in French.

MesRTTs computes the number of the so-called "jours de RTT" (jRTTs) in any year (Année), for people with a full time* employment contract stating a fixed number of working days per year ("forfait jours"). This number (jours travaillés) may be customized and is remembered by the program between successive runs. Any change to the year or working days number automatically triggers the computation of the jRRTs field (which therefore is always up to date).

* entitling to an annual paid leave of 25 (otherwise worked) days

(32242 bytes, MD5: E573107335DA8A984B41E500AC8E063B)


This program was for the most part developed with the AIDE8 IDE on an Android tablet. An equivalent java desktop application is available here.





initial release



working days calculator added

Copyright notice and distribution policy

The programs I offer here are free and may be distributed by any mean to everybody, as long as nobody earns money in the process (except me - I don't see how it could happen, but let me hope I will suddenly become a millionaire).
The previous statement does not cancel my copyright and distribution is permitted only as long as the packages are not altered. Distribution of modified versions of the programs is also prohibited (I would not like finding part of my programs in commercial applications with my name cancelled), except for the RichView executable file (see details in RichView's manual inside the RichView package).

This software is provided as is. You download and run it at your own risks: I do not make any guarantee and I cannot be held responsible of any unpleasantness or disaster, in any field, which may befall you, your company or anybody in connection with this software.

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2 Trademark of Sun Microsystems Corp. 
3 Trademark of the Mozilla Foundation.
4 Trademark of Silicon Graphics Corp.
5 Trademark of Adobe Systems Inc.
6 Trademark of Google Inc.
7 Trademark of The MathWorks Inc.
8 Trademark of appfour GmbH.